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5 Reasons Why We Pentesters Love Our Job

We’ve conducted our own research among penetration testers and asked them about the exciting aspects of their job. We find it helpful to hear it from these practicing professionals to give you a better insight on some of what they love about penetration testing.

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Bundle Up and Save Big This Month

Are you dreaming of becoming the ultimate penetration tester? Get to learn more practical skills on top of theoretical ones? Or you simply want to learn new tricks and get that promotion you deserve? Our bundles will allow you continuous growth, training after training, while saving big on registration fees.

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Hat Down to Jeff Moss for Black Hat Asia!

Black Hat Asia, it has been amazing. As expected, thousands upon thousands of security professionals arrived at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center to witness the most privy of InfoSec events —And we are sad to see that our Singapore journey has already come to an end… until 2019 😉 We’re happy to see more and more infosec professionals come each year as the event was packed with briefings to attend, demos to watch, tools to try, and of course, swag to collect.

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