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Domande frequenti - FAQ

Courses & Enrollment

  • How can I get started with one of your training courses?

    First decide which courses you like to enroll in. Then you can compare the different course Editions on the "Plans & Pricing" page for that specific training course. Simply click "Enroll" on the Edition you want. This will bring you to a shopping cart with the course already added. Now select additional courses or "Proceed to checkout" directly. You then enter billing details, confirm everything and check-out. Within minutes you'll receive your login details via email, with the course already being added to your personal members area. Time to have fun and skill-up.

  • How fast can I access my course materials after enrolling?

    After successfull enrollment into a course you'll receive an email confirmation with your login details (If you are a new student). Within a couple of minutes the course materials will be available inside your members area. If you aready have a login you will find your new course material added to your members area right after you complete the enrollment.

  • Can I transfer my training course to another student?

    Courses, lab time and exam vouchers can not be transfered to other students.

  • Can I change my course Edition later?

    Yes, it is possible to upgrade your course to a higher Edition for an additional fee. Please contact us at with your details to request an upgrade. Our support team will help you. There is no downgrade option.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    All major credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer are accepted payment methods. Installment plans are available.

  • How do the installment plans work?

    Some of our courses offer installment plans to pay your enrollment fees. These let you split the enrollment fees into 3 or 4 monthly installments at a small aditional cost. Your course content will be available for you in the members area in steps based on the installments. The process is automated and set-up during enrollment, no manual action needed from your end.

  • An installment got declined from my bank. How can I skip or cancel installments?

    Our installment plans enable you to cover the enrollment fees in several simple installments. It's not a subscription, but a payment of the complete enrollment fees split up into several installments. Hence it can not be cancelled. Any non-payment will result in removal of the complete course content from your members area. Please contact us for any questions or concerns regarding your installment plan and let us know if you like to process an installment early to get access to more training material faster.

  • Can I get a refund?

    All sales are final. We process refunds/chargebacks for fraudulent transactions only. Please check the course demo and all details before enrolling.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    There are no hidden fees. If you are from a country where a VAT is required (most EU countries) you have to add VAT to your course fees. We are legally obligated to collect VAT on your purchases.

  • How can I access the course forums?

    Depending on your course Edition you'll also get access to the course-specific forum. Use your normal login details to access it. The forum is a place where longtime students and newbies can communicate, share experiences and ask questions. Our course instructors are also scouting these forums to answer questions and share insights. Please email us for any exam related questions, as most of those wont be answered in the forums for obvious reasons.

  • How are updates to the course content handled?

    Minor updates such as bug fixes or additional hands-on labs are provided for free. Major releases (e.g from v2 to v3) require a new enrollment. We reserve the right to issue minor or major updates as we see fit.

  • Does access to Hera lab expire?

    Access to Hera lab has no expiry date, you can always use the remaining hours in your account at anytime until these are used up.

  • Why do you offer such a high discount for Individual Students on PTS?

    We have always been supporting the IT Security Community. This is our way of helping you as an Individual Student to get started.

  • Can I use my Hera Lab hours for labs of a different course?

    No, Hera Lab Hours are specific for the labs of a course and not transferable.

  • Is there an option to extend my Hera Lab hours?

    Yes, you can get an extension if you require more lab hours, Please contact for details.

Exam & Certification

  • Can I get certified after completing your training courses?

    Yes of course. Most of our courses lead to an exam with certification at the end. Our exams are based on real life scenarios and not just simple multiple choice tests. Our course exams require a hands-on showcase of the skills you aquired taking the course. Companies all over the world know the benefits of certified hands-on skills, so being certified from eLearnSecurity defnitely gives you an advantage. The exam fees are already included in your enrollment fees depending on the course Edition.

  • When will I receive my exam results?

    Every single one of our students exams is checked by a real person, hence it can take up to 30 days to get the results back. However, in most cases you will receive your exam-result email much faster.

  • Where can I find specific details of the exam process for the course I am enrolled in?

    Each exam has a very detailed exam guide with step by step instructions what to do. You'll find that guide in your members area under the "My exams" section. Every course-page on our website has a section explaining the complete exam process. You can find all the requirements and details how to get certified there.

  • Can I become eLearnSecurity certified without enrolling into a training course?

    Yes. We do offer stand-alone exam vouchers for IT Security experts that already have the right skills. Before going that way you should ensure that you do have the required hands-on skills. You can find all course topics in the syllabus for the specific trainig course. However, we do recommend you enroll into the complete training course to avoid disappointment after a failed exam. Our courses prepare you perfectly for all exam challenges.

  • Can an eLearnSecurity certificate be verified?

    Yes, any certificate has student details and a verification code on it. This can be used to verify the certificate with us. The link to the course-specific verification form is on the certification page in the right navigation.

Corporate Training

Other Questions

  • I have more questions, how can I get additional support?

    As soon as you enroll into one of our courses you are provided with access to the private forum of that course (depending on the Edition) where you will find instructors and community managers available to help you.Support for billing,payment request or course related questions is also provided via email or catch us via live chat.

  • Some course Editions are available via invite only. How can I get one?

    Invites are sometimes given to existing students, during special events or on our social media channels. Keep your eyes open. Our partners are giving away invites sometimes as well.

  • Can i test a course before I enroll?

    Yes, we do offer a free demo for all our training courses. Simply select one of these IT Security training courses and fill in your details in the "Curious about this course?" box. After verifiying your email address we will send you instructions how to access your free demo.

  • How can I get Information or Updates from eLs?

    Once you registered your email address with us we'll send you regular updates about your courses, exams and related news.

  • Why don't I receive email notifications from eLearnSecurity?

    If you are missing emails from eLearnSecurity, please check your email account's Spam/ Junk folder and Gmails promotion folders to ensure the message was not filtered. If the message was filtered, you may find an option to 'Mark as good' or 'Add sender to whitelist.' This will help in receiving future emails from us.

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