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Threat Hunting Professional

box prodotto THP

Threat Hunting Professional (THP) is an online, self-paced training course that provides you with the knowledge and skills to proactively hunt for threats in your environment (networks and endpoints). THP will train you to develop a hunting mentality using different and modern hunting strategies to hunt for various attack techniques and signatures. THP also comes with lifetime access to course materials and flexible access to the most sophisticated virtual labs on threat hunting.

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Categoria:Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence

Penetration Testing Student

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The Penetration Testing Student (PTS) course is a self-paced training course built for anyone with little to no background in IT Security that wants to enter the penetration testing field. PTS builds a strong foundation by giving theoretical lessons, reinforced with practical exercises held in the most sophisticated virtual labs in the world. By the end of training, the student will possess the fundamental skills and practical pentesting knowledge to perform basic security audits.

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Categoria:Penetration Testing, Hera

Penetration Testing eXtreme

box prodotto PTX

PTX is an online, self-paced training course that provides the knowledge and skills to execute state-sponsored-like operations, perform advanced adversary simulation and covers implementation details on numerous undocumented attacks plus much more. All Editions include lifetime access to the training material.

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Categoria:Penetration Testing, Hera, eXtreme

Incident Handling & Response Professional

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Incident Handling & Response Professional course (IHRP) is the most comprehensive and practical online course on Incident Handling & Response. It takes you all the way from the basics to a professional level, where you will be able to effectively analyze, handle, and respond to security incidents. You will do so by applying the traffic/flow analysis, endpoint analytics, operational SIEM/log management and tactical threat intelligence analysis skills you will acquire from IHRP.

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Categoria:Incident Handling & Response Professional, Incident Handling, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence

Exploit Development Student

box prodotto XDS

The eXploit Development Student course (XDS) is an online, self-paced training course built for anyone with little to no background in Exploit Development. XDS is the most comprehensive and practical online course on Exploit Development, since it provides you with not only the fundamentals of Windows and Linux Exploit Development but also covers advanced Windows and Linux Exploit Development techniques, as well as anti-exploit mechanism bypasses. Every knowledge gained in XDS is reinforced with practical exercises.

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Categoria:exploit development, advanced penetration testing, vulnerability research, Hera

Malware Analysis Professional

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Malware Analysis Professional (MAP) is an online, self-paced training course that teaches students the knowledge and skills necessary to dissect malicious software in order to understand its mechanics and purpose. MAP provides a holistic approach to dissecting malware. You will also learn more about Reverse Engineering and add an additional skill to your arsenal, allowing you to dissect a product to understand its blueprint or how it was made.

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Categoria:malware analysis, blue team

Digital Forensics Professional

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The Digital Forensics Professional (DFP) course is an online, self-paced training course that provides you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to not only investigate intrusions and prepare intrusion reports but also to assist in cases of incident response or proactive threat hunting. You will learn to identify and gather digital evidence as well as retrieve and analyze data from both the wire and endpoints.

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Categoria:Digital Forensics, Hera

Practical Network Defense

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Practical Network Defense is a practical course which covers the network and system security topics. The lessons include full practical setup guides and include a virtual lab in Hera for the student to practice their new skills before deploying these technologies and strategies in a production network.

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Categoria:Network Security, Penetration Testing, Hera

Reverse engineering professional

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This fundamental course teaches you the theoretical and practical knowledge required to perform advanced reverse engineering of software on assembly level in third party software and/or malware. Through a series of lessons, which also involve several challenges to be solved and to play with, you will be taught all the necessary skills to succeed as a professional reverse engineer

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Categoria:Security, Reverse Engineering

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